TechStar training courses are offered on a regular basis at our offices in Deer Park, Dallas, and Corpus Christi. Upon request, TechStar also offers training classes that can be tailored to our customer’s needs and are taught onsite at the customer’s facility.


Training Classes

Basic Instrumentation
Introduces the basic instrumentation technologies, terminology and symbols necessary to work competently in the field.

Fixed Gas Detection
This class is designed specifically for maintenance or instrument shop personnel who will be maintaining, calibrating, and repairing MSA Permanent Instruments for use at their facility.

Level Measurement Using Guided Wave Radar Technology
How to use wave radar gauges for measurement of liquids and bulk solids and how to properly set up, interpret, and troubleshoot the equipment and accompanying software.

Level Measurement Using Radar Technology
How to use through-air radar gauges for measurement of liquids and bulk solids and how to properly set up, interpret, and troubleshoot the equipment and accompanying software.

Liquid Ultrasonic Flow
How to use liquid ultrasonic flow measurement instruments and software, and how to properly install, set up and troubleshoot clamp-on and wetted liquid flow instruments.

Radiation-Based Measurement
How to use nuclear measurement gauges to measure nuclear level, density, and point level of liquids and how to properly install, set up, interpret, and troubleshoot the equipment and accompanying software.


To Register for Training:
Select any of the following training courses listed under the specific date you wish to attend:


Tuesday, April 4-5
Level Measurement Training


Tuesday, May 9-10
Level Measurement Training


Tuesday, June 6-7
Level Measurement Training

Friday, June 16
MSA Permanent Training


Tuesday, July 18-19
Basic Instrumentation Training


Tuesday, August 8-9
Level Measurement Training

Thursday, August 10-11
Level Measurement Training


Tuesday, September 12-13
Level Measurement Training


Tuesday, October 3-4
Basic Instrumentation Training

Tuesday, October 17-18
Basic Instrumentation Training

Thursday, October 19-20
Basic Instrumentation Training


Tuesday, November 7-8
Basic Instrumentation Training

Friday, November 17
MSA Permanent Training

For assistance please contact our Training Coordinator at 866.542.0205 or via email at


To improve customer experience: Customers who take advantage of TechStar Training Services have fewer service calls and fewer instances of system downtime caused by improper setup or maintenance. TechStar training classes minimize setup and troubleshooting time with the product, so customers achieve the best possible operation from their equipment.

Better service: TechStar’s service technicians and trainers are available 24/7 to answer questions and travel to the customer site on short notice to diagnose and resolve product complications, without needing to schedule service with the manufacturer and cause costly downtime.


Stephanie Henderson – TechStar Training & Professional Development Coordinator

Stephanie Henderson has over 18 years of experience developing and implementing personalized education plans in the education and oil and gas industries.   She has been with TechStar for over 3 years administrating professional training programs that meet the needs of TechStar’s internal staff as well as their customers and manufacturers.

Stephanie has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Houston and a Master of Education in Administration from Lamar University. She holds certifications from Tracom Group as a certified instructor in both Social Style and Versatility and Behavioral EQ.

Justin McDermott – TechStar Service Technician and Corporate Trainer

Justin McDermott has extensive experience in the fields of upstream oil and gas and the refining and chemical industries. He specializes in level measurement for liquid and bulk solid applications. Justin uses his technician experience with actual field applications to teach various level topics in the classroom as an instructor.

Justin has a Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Howard Payne. He has been with TechStar for 7 years.