Instrumentation and Analytical Solutions, Service and Training. Download PDF.



Wire Solutions
How many of your hazardous seals are poured? Rethink the way you wire instrumentation. Download the solution.

Well Pad Tank Battery
Are you tired of false shut downs and environmental spills? Trust your level measurement. Download the solution.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Are you having challenges with custody-transfer measurements on larger lines? Large line custody-transfer meters don’t have to be big dollars. Download the solution.

Moisture Measurement
How effectively are you using moisture measurement technology on your mol beds? Optimize your natural gas drying process. Download the solution.

Are you having difficulties working with or replacing rigid temperature sensors? Optimize all of your sensors. Download the solution.

On-Site Applications
Are you having trouble gathering data from your on-site applications? Turn your data into decisions. Download the solution.


Hydrocracker Level Measurements
Are your hydrocracker level measurements off due to changes in specific gravity or hydrogen permeation? Increase reliability of your hydrocracker level measurements. Download the solution.

Ultrasonic Flow Technology
Are you struggling with measuring feeds to your delayed coker and vacuum distillation units? Ensure reliability of resid flow measurements. Download the solution.

Are you having challenges with hydrocarbon carryover in your water outlet flows? Reduce the chance of carryover in your water outlet flows. Download the solution.

Nuke Levels
Are you having problems getting qualified service techs for your radiation level and density systems? Take advantage of a turnkey supplier, available 24/7/365. Download the solution.

Laser Analyzer
Challenged by taking measurements on near-infrared absorbing gases in harsh process environments? Measure gases where most traditional analyzers cannot. Download the solution.


Clean in Place
Are you wasting time manually cleaning pipes? Handle your water needs. Download the solution.

pH Measurements
Having challenges measuring pH in harsh applications? Avoid harsh pH. Download the solution.

Natural Gas
Do you have oxygen in your lines? Know where the oxygen in your lines is coming from. Download the solution.

Lean Amine Concentration
Is your lean amine concentration optimal for your gas sweetening process? Automate process control based on instant feedback. Download the solution.

Catalyst Management
Do you want to optimize catalyst management in your SCR? Reduce NOX levels. Download the solution.