Flow Solutions

Improve productivity and reduce operating costs with long-lasting flow meters

Even in harsh process conditions, we have a unique flow meter to meet your needs. Robust designs and reliable measurements ensure that our flow meters deliver improvements in plant efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Coriolis flow meters have highly refined digital signal processing electronics, so that accurate and stable mass flow measurements can be achieved. Coriolis flow meters provide results in clean/dirty liquids, abrasive/corrosive conditions, low velocity, gas, and high/low temperature environments.

RotaMASS 3

The RotaMASS 3 mass flow meter features a heavy wall, seamless, dual tube design uniquely decoupled from any process vibration or pipeline stress guaranteeing reliability and output stability. Nine different detectors enable customization of the meter for the best combination of mass flow range, pressure drop, and accuracy at the lowest possible cost. The versatile RotaMASS can be used in the most difficult applications from cryogenics to molten liquids as well as sanitary applications and aggressive chemicals.

Magnetic flow meters provide flexible configurations for industrial use in most areas. They are reliable in clean/dirty liquids, abrasive/corrosive conditions, low pressure and low velocity environments.


The ADMAG AXF is a magnetic flow meter designed to tackle the most severe applications. It has many user-friendly functions including an electrode adhesion level diagnosis function, infra-red switches which can be used for setting parameters without opening the case cover and the ability to change the direction of electrical connection on the site.


The ADMAG AXR two-wire magnetic flow meter can be installed in the two-wire system without any AC power source, drastically reducing the initial instrumentation cost. The ADMAG AXR has user-friendly functions such as a full dot-matrix LCD indicator, electrode adhesion level diagnosis function and a multi-lingual display. The magnet switches can be used for checking and setting parameters without opening the case cover.


The ADMAG CA magnetic flow meter picks up the electromotive force generated in a fluid by electrodes provided outside a ceramic pipe through the capacitance of the pipe. In addition, the flow meter employs a prominent high-frequency excitation method that reduces flow noise in low conductivity fluid. The ADMAG CA magnetic flow meter is excellent at measurement in ultra-low conductivity fluids down to 0.01 microS/cm, adhesive fluids, or slurry fluids.

Thermal gas mass flow meters provide accurate readings of the total mass flow rate of a gas in many industrial conditions. These flow meters utilize the thermal sensing principle, a proven, accurate and direct mass flow measurement technology. This technology performs at high levels of accuracy for a wide variety of gases.

Model FT1

The Fox Model FT1 measures gas flow rate in standard units without the need for temperature or pressure compensation. It provides an isolated 4 to 20mA output (with a HART option) and a selection of pulse, RS485 Modbus RTU, or BACnet MS/TP for a second output. With an optional on-board 2-line x 16-character, backlit display, operators can view flow rate, total, elapsed time, process gas temperature, and alarms.

Model FT2A

The Fox Model FT2A measures gas flow rate in standard units without the need for temperature or pressure compensation. It provides isolated 4 to 20 mA and pulse outputs for flow rate, and a 4 to 20 mA output for process gas temperature. The pulse output is normally used for totalization. With an on-board 2 line x 16 character, backlit display, operators can view flow rate, total, elapsed time, process gas temperature, and alarms.

Model FT3

The Fox Model FT3 measures two important process variables with a single instrument, providing isolated 4 to 20 mA and pulse outputs for flow rate, and a 4 to 20 mA pulse output for process gas temperature or a second flow rate output. Virtually immune to changes in temperature and pressure, the flow meter delivers repeatable, accurate mass flow measurement under varying loads.

Model FT4A

The Model FT4A is the newest Fox Meter. It is calibrated with NIST traceable standards and includes our 2nd Generation DDC-Sensor™, CAL-V™ Calibration Validation, and HART or RS485 Modbus options. The Model FT4A is suitable for Industrial, Wastewater and Oil & Gas applications. The Gas-SelectX™ gas menus have been updated to include all upstream flare and vent gases (C1-C9+) required by BLM regulations and API standards.

Ultrasonic gas flow meters are one of the most reliable solutions for challenging gas flow measurement applications. Our ultrasonic gas flow meters can be used in a variety of applications including flare gas, stack gas and steam. Our transducer technology is also ideal for shale gas and coal seam gas wellhead applications.

DigitalFlow GF868

The GF868 flare gas flow meter improves the efficiency of petrochemical plants, refineries and offshore platforms. It uses a proprietary algorithm to determine instantaneously the molecular weight and mass flow rate of the flare gas. The meter is used to conserve energy and reduce product loss by identifying sources of leaks into the flare systems and accurately controlling the amount of steam fed to the flare tip. It also helps improve compliance with pollution-control regulations.

DigitalFlow GS868

The GS868 ultrasonic steam flow meters solves the problems of pressure drop and rangeability found in other flow meters by reducing operation, installation and maintenance costs. A single GS868 ultrasonic flow meter can cover a wide range of flows, giving additional savings. A single GS868 flow meter covers the full range of flow rates resulting in lower capital and installation costs.

DigitalFlow XGS868i

The XGS868i steam flow transmitter is a complete ultrasonic flow metering system for the measurement of saturated and superheated steam. It is unique combination of range ability, ease of installation, low maintenance and accuracy make it the choice for a low-cost transmitter. The all-digital XGS868i creates no pressure drop; has no moving parts or parts that foul or collect debris; seldom requires maintenance; and provides reliable, drift-free operation.

PanaFlow Z1G

The PanaFlow Z1G flow meter is the latest of a new generation of Panametrics ultrasonic flow meters. It is a single-path or dual-path wetted meter designed specifically for accurate and dependable measurements in gas applications. Designed for well-head flow measurements, such as coal bed methane, bio gas or any gas with high levels of impurities, the Z1G is engineered to the highest levels of reliability and built to handle difficult process conditions.

TransPort PT878G

The TransPort PT878GC is a portable, clamp-on ultrasonic gas flow meter. Designed for short-term flow survey work for natural gas pipeline, compressed air, inert gas or any compressed gas applications, it has the ability to measure gas flow rates, log data to internal memory and export flow data to a PC. It is especially useful for metering of erosive, corrosive, toxic, high-purity or sterile gases or in any application where penetrating the pipe wall is undesirable.

Ultrasonic liquid flow meters offer a number of benefits including no pressure drops, high temperature/high pressure limits, and flow measurement without obstruction. We offer a variety of accurate, flexible and reliable ultrasonic flow meters for nearly any industrial application.

AquaTrans AT600

The AquaTrans AT600 liquid flow ultrasonic transmitter combines state-of-the -art flow measurement capability with a low-cost transmitter package that can be installed right at the process measurement point. It’s designed specifically for water and wastewater applications in full pipes. The all-digital AquaTrans AT600 has no moving parts and requires minimal maintenance.

PanaFlow HT

PanaFlow HT is a SIL-rated flow meter used for flow measurement of liquids in either nominal or extremely high or low process temperatures. It is the first ultrasonic flow meter to receive SIL (Safety Integrity Level) certification. As a safety flow meter, or coker flow meter, the PanaFlow HT SIL flow meter is designed for use in safetycritical applications where reliability ensures reduction in risk to personnel, to plant assets, to the environment and to corporate reputation.

PanaFlow LZ

The PanaFlow LZ is a one or two path wetted, ultrasonic flowmeter that brings all of the advantages of ultrasonic technology at a very affordable value. Unlike other flow measurement technologies, the PanaFlow LZ does not require maintenance since it does not have any obstruction in the flow path that could clog the line nor does it have any moving parts that could be damaged by the flowing fluid. Also, due to the inherent nature of our ultrasonic flow measurement, the PanaFlow LZ’s measurement is not affected by changing process conditions and does not drift over time that would require periodic calibration.

PanaFlow Z3

The PanaFlow Z3 is the latest of a new generation of Panametrics ultrasonic flow meters. It is a three-path wetted meter designed specifically for low-risk, accurate and repeatable measurement of nominal temperature liquids. With a sleek industrial design and ultra-reliable electronics, it provides a top-of-the-line choice for process and industrial applications.

Sentinel LCT4

Superior design meets serious workhouse in the Sentinel LCT4 Liquid Flow Meter. Fully enclosed in protective explosion-proof housings, our transducers have less of a buffer between them and the liquid flow—creating reduced transit time and better accuracy. Ultrasonic has comparable measurement to mechanical meters, but with no moving parts—saving you money on lower installation, maintenance and energy costs. Plus, the additional diagnostics give you a clearer picture of exactly what is happening inside the pipe.

Sentinel LNG

Sentinel LNG extends the use of ultrasonic technology into cryogenic applications. Like the Sentinel LCT, it has no moving parts and uses four-path Robust Path Configuration™. Sentinel LNG uses Bundle Waveguide Technology™ to direct greater tranducer signals into the process while protecting the transducers from cryogenic temperatures.

Variable flow meters have a simple design, allowing for easy readings of flow rate. They provide results in clean liquids, corrosive, low pressure, low velocity, steam, gas and high/low temperature environments.


The RAKD Rotameter is a highly accurate variable area flow meter used for the measurement of liquids and gases, particularly in low flow and high pressure applications. RAKD meters can be fitted with a fine control valve and are designed with horizontal process connections. An integrated flow controller based on the differential pressure principle allows a constant flow rate to be maintained regardless of any variations in process pressure.


The RAMC is a short-tube variable area flow meter used for the measurement of flow rates of liquids and gases, particularly in troubled, opaque or aggressive mediums. The RAMC features a robust design, provides reliable measurements with or without power and HART® or Profibus PA, resulting in a truly universal flow meter for gas, liquid and steam applications.

Vortex flow meters provide long-term stability and high accuracy, ensuring significant improvements in productivity. They are reliable in clean liquids and a wide range of environments including corrosive, steam, gas and high/low temperature.

YEWFLO (Standard Applications)

The digital YEWFLO vortex flow meter combines a durable sensor and body assembly with a unique and powerful combination of digital technology that includes spectral signal processing (SSP). The digitalYEWFLO vortex flow meter is accurate and stable, even in harsh process conditions, and has a highly reliable and robust design that delivers improvements in plant efficiency and reduced operating costs.

The purpose of this training class is to educate participants on how to use liquid ultrasonic flow measurement instruments and software, and how to properly install, set up and troubleshoot clamp-on and wetted liquid flow instruments.

The Lunch & Learn event is for analyzer and instrument techs or measurement individuals for refining, chemical plants and midstream to gain information on wetted versus clamped and the advantages of Ultrasonic Flow meters in Oil and Gas applications.